Purpose of media

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


In modern society, media is everywhere, and it is almost impossible to avoid.
According to
Media Magic
by Gregory Mantsios, “Americans spend an average of
twenty-eight hours per week watching television. They also spend an undetermined
number of hours reading periodicals, listening to the radio, and going to the movies.”
The mass media have become such an ordinary, everyday part of society that many
people fail to realize the immense impact which the mass media have on all aspects of
society – including political, economic, and ideological aspects. The mass media
influence the way we vote, the things we buy, the way we act, the values we hold, and the
way we perceive reality.
When the 2008 Presidential campaigns began, Republican congressman Ron Paul
seemed like the clear frontrunner. He won more straw polls than any other candidate.
John McCain, on the other hand, did not win a single state straw poll. And Rudy Giuliani
faced utter humiliation – loosing to Ron Paul in almost every straw poll in the nation.
Ron Paul seemed unstoppable, and his campaign gained fast momentum in what became
known as the “Ron Paul Revolution”. Ron Paul had no official campaign staff, and he
never accepted a single penny from lobbyists. His supporters ran everything – putting up
Ron Paul signs all over the country in what became known as the “Ron Paul Sign Bomb”,
flying a blimp across the nation that said, “Google Ron Paul” on the side, and raising
$6,200,000 in one day – the largest amount of money ever raised in one day by anyone,
ever – in what became known as the “Ron Paul Money Bomb.” Yet even with world
records being broken by Ron Paul, the mainstream media acted like Ron Paul was not
even in the race. Political pundits on FOX were proclaiming Rudy Giuliani as the
“frontrunner”, even though Ron Paul was scoring far higher in the straw polls. The
average Joe naively assumed that the pundits knew that they were talking about. Only
those who bothered to research the straw poll results for themselves found the
discrepancies in the mainstream media’s reporting. The pundits were proven wrong when
Ron Paul beat Giuliani two to one (and in some cases even three to one) in every single
state primary until Giuliani finally dropped out of the race. Yet the average Joe seemed to
never even notice that the pundits were wrong. Here the mainstream media was, lying to
his face, and the average Joe never even blinked.
The censorship of Ron Paul continued
when FOX hosted a Republican debate shortly before Giuliani dropped out of the race.
Only those candidates that Fox thought had a good chance of winning were invited.
Despite the fact that Ron Paul had beat Rudy Giuliani two to one in every state primary,
Rudy Giuliani was invited to the debate and Ron Paul was not.
To those who bothered to be good citizens and true patriots by researching what
was actually happening in the election rather than blindly following the mainstream
media like some mind-controlled slave, Google revealed the truth with its ability to record


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